PTSD Straining your Relationship?
Should you Stay or Go?

Are you doing the right thing? PTSD is making you question your relationship. Is your support helping him heal or enabling him to destroy himself? Are you a devoted lover, or a self-serving martyr? Are you being self centered or have you already waited too long?


If you are thinking of ending your current relationship and PTSD is complicating your decision, I wrote this book for you. Anyone who is considering breaking a romantic bond may gain value from it, but it is specific to those who have post traumatic stress disorder as a third party in their relationship.

Is this your life?

You were great together, before. He is good to you now, sometimes. More often, it feels like there is a glass wall around him. Will the walls ever come down? Have you waited long enough? What will your leaving do to him? Is that even your responsibility?

I do not know what you should do. But you do.

Stay or Go does not offer standard relationship advice. It will not tell you what choice to make. What it will do, is give you some unique ways to think about your choice.

This includes:

5 red-flag situations.

Avoid these pitfalls! Do not make your decision under these circumstances. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Keep your lips closed. This is no the time to make any choice!

5 signs that your relationship is probably already over.

You have to know what these mean and how to protect yourself. Whatever you decide, these signs are big trouble, too big to ignore.

8 signs that your love still has a chance.

These glimmers of hope show that there may be something worth saving in your relationship. Learn how to maximize those opportunities. Do not miss these!

In all, there are over 50 questions you should ask yourself, before you make a move. Some are simple. Some are surprising. Some will hit home with an unexpected intensity.

You can read a sample here.

I wrote this book because I believe in love. And because PTSD changes everything. I have known people whose love has survived horrific odds. But I also know that other times, romantic love collapses under the weight of a life-changing trauma.

We all deserve love in our lives. This book was written to help you figure out if the love you have now is the love that is right for you.

Buy it on Smashwords today!

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