PTSD and My Life

by Suzanne Grosser

PTSD has always been a part of my life. I am not a doctor, or a minister, or a counselor. I am not a member of the military. Never have been. I have no certificates that qualify me to write about trauma or to offer anyone advice. What I have  is a lifetime of experience with post traumatic stress.


I grew up with parents who suffered from PTSD.  That is not what they called it then; it was not called anything. The dysfunctions of my family were secret, not to be shared.

Even as a child, I was keenly aware of the ways my family was different from others.

I was incredibly fortunate to always have someone in my life who sheltered me, who offered me a different view of the world. I saw how other families worked. Whether it was a babysitter, a relative, a teacher, or the parent of a friend,  I learned very young that the things that happened in my home did not happen in all homes. I saw new ways of being family, and  realized that the dynamics within my family did not have to be repeated.

As an adult,  I read a lot of what the experts have to say about trauma and recovery. Some of their writings were helpful; most were dry, technical, and emotionless. Which is why this website exists –and probably why you are reading it. I want to help you find your truth.

I studied PTSD because I wanted to understand my parents. As a child, I had developed compassion for them. As an adult, I wanted to help them heal.

Life, of course, has other plans. It threw some serious trauma my way. Life was giving me the chance to heal myself, to test my own theories.

I am a writer. So as I worked to beat my trauma, and keep post traumatic stress disorder symptoms at bay, I kept a journal. I did even more research. I organized my thoughts and feelings, explored alternative paths to healing. Those writings came together to become this website.

The purpose of this website is to heal the past, not wallow in its pain. I hope that sharing my struggle will help you find your own way through(or around or over or beyond) your symptoms.

I am grateful for the many gifts and kind people that life has given me. This website is my way of say thank you for those blessings.

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Suzanne Grosser

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