SBI: Ready for a Change?

How SBI Site Builder made change possible for me.

by Suzanne Grosser

Are you ready to change your life?

Do you have something to say to the world?

Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere?

I was.

I did.

I do.

Recently, I spent the evening reviewing the formatting requirements for a new project. I wasn’t locked in a cubicle. I wasn’t doing grunt work to make my boss look good.

I sat in my chair, on the beach sipping a glass of wine, and planned a project that I conceived and I am 100% excited to see happen!

I noticed a few people walking by, giving me pitying looks. Apparently they did not know about

Work From Home With SBI!

My life before SiteBuilder:

I wanted to increase my income. I figured a web based business had the best chance of success, with a low start-up cost.  I did lots of research. I bought marketing books, business books, grow-yourself books. I read until my brain hurt. I attended an all-day seminar which offered a free lunch, which I enjoyed, and a hard sell, which I did not.

I dabbled. I created a free google-page, which maybe 10 people in the whole world have seen. It was free, but I knew I wasn’t going to reach very many people that way.

So I spent some money. I bought a domain name. But I didn’t know what to do with it. I would have to either hire a programmer or buy some software and try to figure it out on my own. Not likely. I majored in Liberal Arts, not Computer Science. Even if I did figure it out, I still needed a hosting server or whatever it’s called.

The company I bought the domain name from offered lots of additional services for lots of additional fees. They lured me in with a cheap domain name. But I couldn’t build a business that way.

I responded to infomercials and was deluged with videos, CDs, pamphlets, books, loose pages, binders, slick ads, but not the tools or the support I needed.

Then I found SiteBuilder.

Other companies had overwhelmed me with disorganized information and under-whelmed me with support.

SBI educated me as part of my package, not for an additional fee. They provide reliable service. That was important to me – I did not want to build a site that would crash or implode if I didn’t pay attention to it for a few days. I wanted the freedom to manage my own time.

And because the online business world is ever evolving, SBI has online forums where site owners and SBI staff (who are site owners too!) can share new ideas, and help one another solve problems. I can go there, anytime of the day or night and find tips and the support I need.

Try out some of their free tools at the right or click here to have your questions answered.

Or dive right in and order SBI now. It has a Money-back satisfaction guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose but your cubicle.

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Suzanne Grosser

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